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Even though we are over 3 years away from the Games, there are a handful of sponsor pins available for Tokyo 2020.

There are various level of sponsors attached to an Olympic and/or Paralympic games. Each level permits the sponsor different rights to use logos, names and wording on their pins. Some companies sponsor the Olympic Games generically (Coca Cola, McDonalds etc.) whilst others sponsor a specific Games.

A full list of Tokyo 2020 sponsors and their levels can be found on the official Games website

Scanning eBay, I have found the following pins…

There are a selection from McDonalds, Canon, Nomura, Nissan, Nissin, Daiwa House and NTT Communications.

Interestingly, looking at the official Tokyo 2020 website, I can not see Nissan as a sponsor of the the Games, as it appears that Toyota have the vehicle sponsorship deal. If anyone can shed any light on the role Nissan are playing in the Olympic Games, please post a comment.

It’s also worth noting that some of the sponsors are issuing their pins with both Olympic and Paralympic Games logos where their sponsorship covers both Games. Perhaps a way of symbolising the equity of the sponsorship or perhaps a cost cutting measure to only issue a single pin?

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  1. The IOC announced Toyota as a Worldwide TOP Partner in 2015. As a TOP Partner, Toyota will support the organisers of future Olympic Games, the IOC and National Olympic Committees and their Olympic teams around the world. In line with Olympic Agenda 2020, with sustainability as one of its key pillars, Toyota will work with the Organising Committees through to 2024 to provide sustainable mobility solutions for the Games to help with safer, more efficient mobility, including intelligent transport systems, urban traffic systems and vehicle-to-vehicle communications systems. The partnership will help deliver a mobility legacy in the host cities and countries.

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