Tokyo Pins is designed to be a news and information site for pin collectors interested in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games. It aims to act as a focus for collectors around the world to track pins issued for Tokyo 2020 and allow them to share news and discuss pins and pin trading.

This site is not endorsed or supported by the International Olympic Committee or the¬†organising¬†Committees of the Tokyo 2020 Games. It’s a site by pin collectors for pin collectors. It aims to spread knowledge and a friendly approach to pin collecting.

Olympic and Paralympic pin collecting…

Olympic and Paralympic pin collecting and swapping (or trading, although no money changes hands), has been a pastime at the Games for many years.

It’s the largest spectator sport at any games and brings together fans, athletes, team members and the general public.


I started pin collecting (Disney pins) around 2000 and became involved in Olympic pin collecting for London 2012. I ran the popular collectors’ site LondonPins.co.uk where I tried to catalogue every pin issued. It was a mammoth task and took up over 4 years of my life!

I met some great collectors during that time and as I hope to travel to Japan for the games in 2020, it seemed like a good idea to start pulling together pin information.

My ambition for Tokyo Pins is not the same as it was for London Pins. I hope to develop a set of contacts across the world who will offer their knowledge to others via this site. I see this site and associated Facebook page and message board as a mechanism for all of us to swap news about Tokyo 2020 pins. It will only be a success if others contribute. I do not plan to offer a comprehensive catalogue as I did for London 2012, but more a fluid set of posts that will capture all that is happening with Tokyo 2020 pins.

So, please get involved. If you have information to share or a question to ask, then get in touch at info@tokyopins.com.

Paul McGill.